• 3 Dara 2

    3 Dara 2 tell the story about 3 husbands named Jay, Richard, and Affandy, whom underesimate the existence and the difficulties of their wives chores. According to them,...Read More

  • Baper Kids

    This is the kids version of Baper Game Show. The game show  that full of Party Games, for Kids. Hosted by Irfan Hakim, Rangga Moela and Dede Sunandar. Along with...Read More

  • Ketika Cinta Bertasbih 2 (When Love Hymn 2)

    Graduated from bachelor degree from famous college, does not make Azzam easy to get the right job. With the background of entrepreneurial experience while in Egypt,...Read More

  • Kampung Kendang (The Kendang Village)

    Comedy drama about the social life in the unique village in Garut West Java. Various stories that are common in rural areas are lifted in an attractive comedy....Read More

  • Sambalado (Specially Spicy)

    Sambalado is a comedy situation that played by Indonesian dangdut singer Ayu Ting Ting. In this program, she is a wedding singer and lives with her father Babe Jali who...Read More

  • Awas Banyak Copet (Beware of Pickpockets)

    Awas banyak copet is telling a group of pickpockets under the leadership of Bos Saep. He called it Academy Bandung of Copet (ABC). Bos Saep is known as a pickpocket boss...Read More