• AADC - Apa Aja Di Candain (Just a Joke)

    Abdel, Akbar, Denny Chandra and Cak Lontong are ready to entertain the audience. They will be present to discuss the issues that are happening in the society, with...Read More

  • #TheaterTawa (Theater of Laugh)

    Comedy show that has full of moral messages. Full of culture with modern packaging, provide a simple storyline. Accompanied by a Dalang who will tell the ongoing story....Read More

  • Turis Rempong (The Local Tourist)

    Traveling show program around Indonesia accompanied by Indonesia young woman who knows well about the culture of Indonesia. Hosted by Naomi Papilaya and the tourist will...Read More

  • Kampung Ramadhan

    Ramadhan Night feels more cheerful with special program of Kampung Ramadhan. An annual program during Ramadhan and live broadcasted program from 3 cities in Indonesia....Read More

  • Kipas Princess (Princess Syahrini’s Fan)

    Phenomenal Indonesian actress, Syahrini, attracts audience as she hosts and talk about celebrities on this show. With her unique style, she approaches the celebrities to...Read More

  • Sik Asyik (Let's Have Fun)

    Sik Asyik is a show that focuses on games, singing, dancing together and hit music videos hosted by singer Ayu Ting Ting. Read More