• Mars Met Venus (Man's Part)

    The film "Mars Met Venus" tells a story about the differences between a man and a woman in everiday life, especially in the world of LOVE. But behind those differences,...Read More

  • Chrisye

    Guruh Soekarno Putra opened Chrisye's path to the recording world. Together with Guruh Gipsy, Chrisye established his life choices. His soft voice began to be heard by...Read More

  • Meet Me After Sunset

    Vino is being upset because his parents agree to move from Jakarta to Rancaupas, Bandung, without asking for his approval. He feels unsuited to live in a quiet area....Read More

  • Masa Muda

    Safina goes to mountain with her friends, Reza, Raline, and Oskar, to remembered their friends Bima, who has died five years ago. In the middle of journey, Reza...Read More

  • Roman Picisan

    Roman Picisan is a story about Roman, the guy who good at making poetry. He is a playboy. Wulandari pissed off with him, because Roman has been playing with her feeling....Read More

  • Dunia Terbalik

    Dunia Terbalik tells the story of people at Jonggol Village. Jonggol Village has a special condition where the majority women in their households work overseas as female...Read More