• On The Street

    Only by answering the questions and taking the challenge such as bubble run and tick tock pong, you can get the prize from the host! Read More

  • 1000 Tanya (A Thousand Questions)

    A program that invites everyone old, young, man, woman, sister and brother, to join and get the chance winning the prizes. see how their knowledge is challenged with...Read More

  • Random Quiz

    Random Quiz consist of three stages; 1. Aytakata, where one team should choose clue randomly, and the other one will guess the words from the clue; 2. Tebar Paku (Spread...Read More

  • Aksi Bocah Cilik (Kids in Action)

    Hosted by Arie Untung and Gracia, Indri this game show is full of baby and toddler as participants (age range 8 months – 5 years). There are also three guest stars...Read More

  • Urban Street Food

    A culinary paradise in the suburbs. We give you the best recommendation with best price and extraordinary taste. Read More

  • Jejak Rimba (Jungle Trail)

    Steve Ewon invites you to interact with animals in the forest. Moreover, he will give the tips and trick how to survive in the forest, starting from any plants in the...Read More