• Sketsa Tawa (Laughing Sketch)

    Sketsa Tawa is a comedy cinema event featuring sketches of funny and hilarious scenes. Supported by famous comedians, such as Deni Cagur, Daus Separo, Rina Nose, and...Read More

  • Be A Man

    Be A Man is a reality show reviews about a life of a transvestites which is formed becoming a perfect man. There are 18 contestants which will be educated by an...Read More

  • Ngantri ke Sorga (Queuing for Heaven)

    32-year-old Faank is a relentless hawker who struggles for his livelihood. He is a soothsayer that can convince even the most uninterested customer to buying what he...Read More

  • Ada Ada Aja (Small Talks with Celebrity)

    Ada ada aja is variety show program with an entertaining twist. This talkshow is hosted by Ayu Ting Ting, Irfan Hakim, Gracia Indri and Gilang Dirga, will talk about the...Read More

  • Kita Nikah Yuk (Let’s Get Married)

    The drama deals with the eyes of society, where well-established and productive young executives are expected to go the next step of their lives, marriage. Served well...Read More

  • D'Klinik Show

    Often feverish with longing for affection? Would like to be injected by a doctor who could heal a various symptoms of “Cancer”? Let’s go to...Read More