• Preman Pensiun (Retired Gang Boss)

    Bahar, is the leader of a group of thugs who has the power in some area, including traditional market, terminal and in a street, he’s retired after his wife passed...Read More

  • Arjuna (Ala Chef Juna's Recipes)

    This cooking program is hosted by Chef Juna, where he interviews his guest stars while he cooks. Meet your favourite celebrity as you learn new and exciting dishes from...Read More

  • Idola Cilik

    A talent show where all the contestants of little idol has been selected or an audition will be quarantined in a dormitory and given a training in the form of...Read More

  • 7/24

    Prasetyo Loulembah Setiawan, a famous film director is married to Tania Wulandary, a manager at a prestigious financial firm and they have a 5-year-old child together....Read More

  • Anak-anak Manusia (Children of Men)

    Children Of Humans is a story of life in Jakarta slum area, with a man named Mardani as the main character, who always making trouble, even always getting his...Read More

  • Pashmina Aisha

    Phasmina and Aisha are twins who were separated when a rich family adopted Pashmina and brought her abroad to cure her heart disease, leaving Aisha alone in the...Read More