• Yusra and Yumna

    Yusra and Yumna are twins who got separated by tsunami in their childhood. Yusra was with their parents, Nirwana and Rama when the incident happened, while Yumna got...Read More

  • Putri Bidadari (Fairy Princess)

    Putri is a cute, cheerful, kind and precocious little girl. One day, Putri’s father, Mahmud caused fire to his master, Jefri’s house, which took the lives of...Read More

  • Kipas Princess (Princess Syahrini’s Fan)

    Phenomenal Indonesian actress, Syahrini, attracts audience as she hosts and talk about celebrities on this show. With her unique style, she approaches the celebrities to...Read More

  • Sik Asyik (Let's Have Fun)

    Sik Asyik is a show that focuses on games, singing, dancing together and hit music videos hosted by singer Ayu Ting Ting. Read More

  • Idolaku (My Idol)

    Fans are an important element to every idol’s success. Idolaku invites a different star in each episode to surprise and meet with their fans. See the fans’...Read More

  • Bukan Sinetron (Not A Soap Opera)

    Bukan Sinetron is a human-interest program that tells the story of the people around us, who are often ignored. Viewers are expected to learn a lesson from the story. Read More