• Coboy Junior Terhebat (Greatest Junior Coboy)

    It's the Coboy Junior in action. This program covers Coboy Junior daily life activities, fans greeting, and even their stage action. It is packed and amusing for true...Read More

  • Suka Suka Uya (Whatever Uya Likes)

    The host, Uya Kuya delivers a new guest every day on this variety show. He will interview them on their daily life and hot issue, and even pull unexpected pranks on his...Read More

  • Awas Ada Sule (Beware of Sule)

    This show follows the mischievous servant Sule as he goes about his ignorant ways. Sule is upset with Mrs. Tiyo/Kanjeng Mami who has hired a new maid for cooking, so he...Read More

  • Kungfu Chef

    Kungfu Chef is an edutainment show that brings delicious and nutritious meals to viewers. The chef will taste the dish of a restaurant and recreates the dish...Read More

  • Jendela (Window to Travel)

    Jendela with its tagline “mankind, nature, culture”, showcases the beauty and richness of Indonesia and its culture. This program invites us learn about...Read More

  • Tendangan dari Langit (Shoot from the Sky)

    This is the story of Wahyu, a 16-year-old boy who is blessed with extraordinary ability in football. Wahyu lives in Langitan Village on the slopes of Mount Bromo with...Read More