• Anugerah (Blessing)

    Nabila is a gentle but firm girl who loves her father, Arif dearly. She is the brightest student in the university and has great potential for success. However, her...Read More

  • The Master

    The Master is a talent search program for magician. Illusionists, Mentalists, Escapologists and many more will perform various kinds of magic and get by two judges from...Read More

  • D'Journey

    This travelling programme explores the beautiful and unique travel destinations in Indonesia.  Read More

  • Cinta 7 Susun (7 Layers of Love)

    Cinta 7 susun tell the story of 7 girls, PJ, Atee, Linzy, Vanila, Natly, Mezty and Grace who each have different personality and background. They all live...Read More