• Sambalado (Specially Spicy)

    Sambalado is a comedy situation that played by Indonesian dangdut singer Ayu Ting Ting. In this program, she is a wedding singer and lives with her father Babe Jali who...Read More

  • Awas Banyak Copet (Beware of Pickpockets)

    Awas banyak copet is telling a group of pickpockets under the leadership of Bos Saep. He called it Academy Bandung of Copet (ABC). Bos Saep is known as a pickpocket boss...Read More

  • Amanah Wali (The Trust for the Protectors)

    Religious drama is telling the life of 4 young men with different backgrounds that were brought together in the short religious boarding school. They are young men who...Read More

  • Raden Pamanah Rasa

    Raden Pamanah Rasa is a colossal drama tells the story of Galuh Empire in Sunda land a long time ago. Pamanah Rasa (Bima Azriel) is the name of King Siliwangi during his...Read More

  • Bintang di Hatiku (Shining Star in My Heart)

    The drama story is telling about a woman named Murti, a mother of four: Selly, Bagus, Poppy, dan Lolly. After a long time she was abandoned by her husband. She met Jaka,...Read More

  • Cahaya Hati

    The drama story is telling about two childrens named Yusuf and Azizah. They must accept the bitter reality of being separated from their parents due to the flash floods...Read More