• Cahaya Hati

    The drama story is telling about two childrens named Yusuf and Azizah. They must accept the bitter reality of being separated from their parents due to the flash floods...Read More

  • Hati Yang Memilih (Divided Love)

    Have you ever imagine of having a mother who never gave the affection to her child? Putri is a girl who since childhood has treated by her mother but, she never...Read More

  • 7 Manusia Harimau New Generation

    7 Manusia Harimau is the program which based on the novel series. Tells the story about Gumara, a mathematics teacher in the high school in Jakarta. He asked to be moved...Read More

  • Cinta Illahi (Divine Love)

    Imelda is a smart, modern and beautiful young girl who is doing a field study with her college friends at a village nearby a mountain. Arriving in the village,...Read More

  • Cakep Cakep Baper

    Bita and Marsha are friends from such a long time, they open an online shop “”. This shop very unique, they only allowed women to work with and...Read More

  • Preman Pensiun 3

    After retirement from thug life, Kang Mus is getting more diligent in his cracker maker industry. Jamal slowly began to dominate the thug world since Kang Mus left it....Read More