• Cakep Cakep Baper

    Bita and Marsha are friends from such a long time, they open an online shop “”. This shop very unique, they only allowed women to work with and...Read More

  • Preman Pensiun 3

    After retirement from thug life, Kang Mus is getting more diligent in his cracker maker industry. Jamal slowly began to dominate the thug world since Kang Mus left it....Read More

  • Preman Pensiun 2

    The life of Kang Muslihat transformed, he has more money and more fun after replacing Bahar as gang boss. Bahar now stays at home with Amin and Imas because Kinanti had...Read More

  • Kantini D’Hijabers

    Kantini d’Hijabers is the religious program which tells the story of a Muslim woman who always get the pressure by her mother to get married. After a failed...Read More

  • Let’s Get Wet

    A water challenge game show, that will make you want to jump out of your seat at home and just join the show. The game started with 50 people, all aiming to get a flag...Read More

  • AADC - Apa Aja Di Candain (Just a Joke)

    Abdel, Akbar, Denny Chandra and Cak Lontong are ready to entertain the audience. They will be present to discuss the issues that are happening in the society, with...Read More