Genre: DRAMA - RELIGIOUS | Duration: 106 Minutes | Year: 2019


The life and career of Talia, a presenter and producer of a gossip show that is currently booming in the world of infotainment, suddenly changes drastically when she meets Kiblat, a young ustaz who appears at his office to give religious lessons to Talia on Talia's father's freedom to Kiblat as a debt of gratitude. Since that meeting, Talia's career has fallen due to a small mistake, but unexpectedly, Qibla is the one who helps her rise from her slump. Her closeness to the Qibla raises the vibrations of love in Talia's heart which has always felt empty. However, when all the buyers heard rumors that Qibla was going to betrothed to Husna, a new caregiver at the Islamic boarding school owned by the Kiblat family. Can Talia win Qibla's heart?


Susan Sameh, Deva Mahendra, Acha Septriasa, Marsha Chikita Fawzi

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