Genre: RELIGI, DRAMA | Duration: 60 Minutes | Year: 2018 | No. of Episode: 37 Episodes


After leaving the boarding school, Faank, Ovie, Tomi and Apoy were not without problems. Apoy is heartbroken because someone else proposes to Wiyanti. Tomi is also heartbroken because April leaves him for Paris to continue school fashion. Mr. Faank had a heart attack and died because he misunderstood that Faank was still involved in the fights. Ovie's business faltered. Ovie's protege, Revan, who works at Tomi's supermarket cashier, steals money.


Farhan Zainal Muttaqin Aan Kurnia Ihsan Bustomi Hamzah Shopi Zakcy Zimah Nahza Soebijakto

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