Genre: BIOGRAPHY, DRAMA | Duration: 110 Minutes | Year: 2017


Discovering his interest and talent in music did not make Chrisye calm throughout his life. From a young age, he had to oppose his father, who wanted Chrisye to become an engineer. Chrisye secretly does music and struggles to prove that music is indeed his life's choice. Even though Chrisye has gained popularity, his anxiety never stops. Chrisye is always working. The album is the breath of his life. Cooperation with various parties continues dilakoninya. In fact, Chrisye did the craziest thing in his life, something he had been afraid of for a long time, namely dancing on stage as a consequence of his all-time best-selling dance album, "Aku Cinta dia".


Velove Vexia, Vino G Bastian, Verdi Solaiman, Dwi Sasono

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