Genre: DRAMA - COMEDY | Duration: 120 Minutes | Year: 2019


Early in the morning, Dara was neatly wanting to take crocodile bread orders to a luxury house. With her battered motorbike, Dara went to deliver the order with great enthusiasm. After being a washerman for a long time, finally Dara was promoted to become a crocodile bread courier. How happy Dara is. "I have to be careful, I bring it, I don't want to wash the pan anymore," said Dara. Suddenly a car backs up from behind the garage of a luxury house. Spontaneously, Dara brake suddenly with her funny tomboy style. Dara hasn't even had a moment to protest, the car is just playing and running away, don't know where. Automatically Dara immediately turned back, chasing the perpetrator who almost grazed her. There was an exciting chase between Dara and the car driver, Randi. Dara tried to stop Randi with whatever she could.


Kevin Julio, Otis Pamutih, Angelica Simperier, Shoumaya, Bayu Lesmana, Puput Azy

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