Genre: DRAMA | Duration: 60 Minutes | Year: 2019 | No. of Episode: 30 Episodes


Entong is now a teenager. He attended a college on a scholarship. Even though he is in college, his life is still the same as before. Entong's mother, Fatimah, still sells it in front of the house. To help the opinion of Fatimah and her two foster siblings, namely Topan and Adul, Entong works as an online motorcycle taxi driver. Entong has a close friend named Ipeh. However, their intimacy and friendship began to be disturbed by the arrival of Erin, their college friend.


Fahcri Muhammad Tamee Irelly Claudy Putri Kemal Fathurokhman Zeid Mujib Yahya Adi Bing Slamet

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