Genre: ANIMATIONS | Duration: 11 Minutes | Year: 2016 | No. of Episode: 52 Episodes


KIKO is a fish boy who lives in an underwater valley called 'Beautiful City' with his friends POLI, LOLA, PATINO and TINGTING. As kids in the neighborhood, they rode bicycles, played video games, and painted houses together. But, when adventure calls, they'll take on the exotic flora of a dangerous volcano! Living with them, are the flamboyant KARKUS and his sidekick PUPUS, who from time to time cross their lives with their clever schemes and crimes. Together, they KIKO and his friends must solve their problems and make the day peaceful again.


Susy Setiawati, Siti Balqis, Leni M. Tarra, Lis Kurniasih, Bima, Sakti, Suherman

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