Genre: DRAMA | Duration: 60 Minutes | Year: 2022 | No. of Episode: 24 Episodes


Mentari is a simple, cheerful girl, she has a sick mother named Salma. He is forced to replace his mother to work at the house of Mrs. Gita, who is fierce and bitchy. Mrs. Gita has two naughty children named Reno and Neli who like to annoy Mentari. Mentari meets Jinny, a princess of a genie who is punished for her mischief, and must do 100 good things to return to the land of jinn. Mentari and Jinny help each other achieve their respective goals, working together to face obstacles and their bullies, namely Mrs. Gita's family


Giselle Tambunan, Jameelah Saleem, Chico Radella, Fatma Sury, Tatiana Savek

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