Genre: KIDS, DRAMA | Duration: 60 Minutes | Year: 2023 | No. of Episode: 20


A little girl who has super powers, named Alea. He lives with his uncle who is a policeman. The uncle is often overwhelmed by raising Alea. Moreover, Alea has a unique super power. For Alea, her super power is used to do good. However, for the uncle, Alea's super power overwhelms him.

Until one day Alea met a fish that could turn into a human. It wasn't long before it was revealed that Alea's mother was still alive, named Vina. It was from her mother that Alea had super powers. But Vina uses her superpowers to commit crimes.


Makayla Rose, Alwi Djamal, Najla Putri, Yeyen Lidya, Chand Kelvin, Metta Permadi, Jerico Gowtara, Farel, Faradina Tika, Guntur Nugraha, Tamee Irely, Angelia Livie, Washifa Assegaf, Ucup, Pitung, Fatu Milda

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