Genre: DRAMA - COMEDY | Duration: 60 Minutes | Year: 2020 | No. of Episode: 33 Episodes


Kang Mus is confused because his kempring business has decreased, while Kang Mus' son wants to go to university. Meanwhile Bubun was arrested by the police for using a motorbike without any papers, while Bubun still had debts, but Willy was confused about Bubun's debts, because Willy was responsible for the interest, while Bubun was in jail. Cecep returned to control the terminal to replace Bubun and many of the terminal's staff who did not accept Cecep's presence.


Epy Kusnandar, Abek Marco, Fajar Hidayatullah, Mochamad Jamasari, Deny Firdaus, Ilham Maiza Fadly

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