Genre: DRAMA | Duration: 150 Minutes | Year: 2021


Alif Fikri (ARBANI YASIZ) has never wanted to compete with Randai (TEUKU RASSYA), a friend from his village. However, for some reason, Randai is always a shadow of Alif's achievements, both in education and in his love story. Alif managed to study at UNPAD, but Randai managed to enter ITB first, as Alif had originally wanted. Alif falls in love with Raisa (AMANDA RAWLES) who is in the same university as him, but it turns out that Randai is also in love with Raisa and always tries to win Raisa's heart. The burden of life became even heavier after Alif's father passed away, where Alif had to struggle so he could continue studying, while Randai continued to progress through his achievements. Alif really tested his patience to maintain friendship and love as well as finish college


Amanda Rawles, Arbani Yasiz, Teuku Rasyya, Lukman Sardi

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