Genre: DRAMA | Duration: 120 Minutes | Year: 2020


Rania is the only child of Desi and Dewa. He is often treated so spoiled that he doesn't care if his parents have money or not. Desi finally died after an accident caused by Rania. Dewa is disappointed because he feels wrong to educate Rania. Dewa is married to Desi's cousin, Sella. Sella and her son, Sendy, live in Dewa's house. However, Sella actually hides from her friend Meiske because she is in debt. Because of stress, Sella turns into a mother who likes to be angry with Rania, telling Rania to clean the house, locking in the bathroom or warehouse all day without being fed and often punishing Rania, the situation at home is very different.


Giselle Tambunan, Rendi Khrisna, Anissa Kayla, Dafina Jamasir

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