Genre: DRAMA COMEDY | Duration: 120 Minutes | Year: 2022


DINI (16) is a first-grade high school student, beautiful, a Youtuber. Has a rebellious nature, hard to follow the rules, and is lazy to learn. Because of that, RADIT (18, Dini's older brother) who is worried about his younger sibling's grades asks PANDU (16) the smartest kid in a nature lover's environment (in the same extracurricular class as RADIT) to become DINI's private tutor. It turned out that it wasn't just private lessons, but DINI and PANDU were secretly dating. PANDU was amazed at DINI whose life was colorful and cheerful. On the other hand, DINI was amazed because PANDU was smart and kind. But their relationship went too far, and DINI got pregnant!


Tissa Biani, Kevin Ardilova, Joshua Otay, Hesty Putri, Elizabeth Christine

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