Genre: DRAMA COMEDY | Duration: 120 Minutes | Year: 2021


Arafah is a new employee at the hotel. He was bullied by Anyun the old employee. At the hotel, there was an artist guest who had a lot of fans, namely Marcel Darwin. Arafah was very happy because she was a big fan of Marcel but it turned out that Arafah had misplaced Marcel's suitcase with another guest. Finally Arafah and Anyun went to Jakarta to meet Marcel because they had already checked out. At Marcel's house, Arafah and Anyun worked with Marcel because they had no money to return to Bogor. The longer Marcel likes Arafah, even though he was disturbed by Tamara, former Marcel. When Marcel expressed his feelings, it turned out that Anyun also expressed his love for Arafah.


Arafah Rianti, Macel Darwin, Anyun Cadel

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