Prasetyo Loulembah Setiawan, a famous film director is married to Tania Wulandary, a manager at a prestigious financial firm and they have a 5-year-old child together. Both of them are workaholics, and the only times they are together are in the morning or late at night, and the weekend if they are lucky. Remarkably, despite their hectic schedule, they manage to find some time together and get romantic.
One day, Tyo suddenly collapsed while filming. He is hospitalized and diagnosed with Hepatitis A. Unable to take time off work as she’s on the road to promotion, Tania has to juggle her work, home and taking care of her husband, Tyo.
After three days of taking care of everything, Tania is fatigued and has to be admitted in the hospital, where she is placed in the same room with her husband. Finally, after years of marriage, they are stuck in the same room together, without any alone time.
All secrets start coming out one by one from Tania boss, Pak Harris, from Tyo’s colleagues and many other mysterious friends. Their sweet beginning at the ward changes into a battleground as the 24 hours of every day of the seven days bring them into crazy and awkward situations.


Romantic Comedy


110 Minutes


Fajar Nugros


Nataya Bagya


Affandi Abdul Rachman


Dian Sastrowardoyo, Lukman Sardi, Hadijah, Minati Atmanegara, Ari Wibowo, Aline Adita, Hengki Solaiman, Icha Nadya, Verdi Solaiman, Indra Birowo, Fandy Christian, Dahlia Poland, Tiffany Orie, Husein Alatas

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