Akibat Pernikahan Dini (Early Marriage Effect)

Dini is a 19-year-old girl in the second semester of her study. She is forced to marry Adrian, a 21-year-old man who is her senior at the same university.
Dini’s father, Asril has a heart attack and needs to undergo immediate bypass surgery. With only a 50-percent chance of success, Asril wishes to see his daughter married to his best friend, Yusri’s son, Adrian before the surgery. Deeply indebted to Asril, who had helped him a lot and even donated his kidney to him, Yusri immediately agrees.
Enemies since childhood, Adrian and Dini refuse their fathers’ request. However, with Yusri’s insistence and in light of Asril’s dying wish, they finally agree to marry. Expecting Dini’s father’s surgery to go well, they plan to divorce and go separate ways after the surgery.
Complications arise when Asril’s surgery went well, but his condition is still unstable and he is advised to avoid stress. While recuperating, Asril advises Dini to obey and support her husband, and Adrian to always be loyal and love his wife.
Stumped, Dini and Adrian decide to pretend intimacy in front of their family while keeping their marriage a secret and live their own lives outside of home.
How will Dini and Adrian deal with their marriage? Will they carry out their plan successfully to the end?


Romantic Drama




60 Minutes


Maruli Ara


Mega Emmela


Leo Sutanto


Stefan William, Nasya Marcella, Atalarik Syach, Vonny Cornelia, Jeremy Thomas, Diah Permatasari, Ochi Rosdiana, Larasati, Nadya Ayesha, Inastasya

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