Anak-anak Manusia (Children of Men)

Children Of Humans is a story of life in Jakarta slum area, with a man named Mardani as the main character, who always making trouble, even always getting his punishments. Each time he was caught, Mardani always says he will not repeat his mistakes, but it's just him saying. Tomorrow or the day after, he will continue to throw tantrums and make other people uneasy with all of his actions.
Conflict of the story begins when Haji Mansyur who is already quite old, invites mosque leaders to look at a piece of land that he give to madrassas. Haji Mansyur want this as a heavenly reward if he had died later. Mardani, the oldest child of Haji Mansyur and Selbi, his sister, come and get angry because they was disappointed with the intention of their father of donating their land without telling them first. Mardani accused Mawi, one of the administrators, affecting Haji Mansyur to donate the land. Haji Mansyur becomes angry and sent Mardani home.
Actually, Mardani’s dissappointed actions against Mawi has been planned from the start. Mardani always find a way to embarrass Mawi. Like when the news that Mawi was dismissed from office in case of corruption, Mardani spread the news to everyone. Mardani urged Haji Mansyur to immediately dismiss Mawi as mosque stewardship. Mardani affect other people even more that makes people do not want to pray when Mawi becomes Imam.
Every effort is also made by Mardani to thwart his father, Haji Mansyur, to donate his land. He even secretly sent Selbi to took their land contract, for Mardani’s interest if he want to sell the land. Of course, this has made Haji Mansyur angry.
With his cunning mind, Mardani always nailed to avoid Haji Mansyur madness. When asked to apologise to Mawi because of his actions, Mardani uses his stupid wife, Encun. While in front of Mawi’s house, Mardani suddenly pretending to be having abdominal pain, as a result, Encun alone apologized to Mawi’s family.
Selbi, Mardani’s sister, is not much different than her brother. Haji Mansyur’s daughter that hasn’t married at her ripe age is often appears very supportive to her brother’s act. Selbi wants to commit suicide once after she felt that her pride fell after misunderstood Haji Mansyur’s intention that he want to match her with Mawi as his second wife. But after knowing that Haji Mansyur want to marry her to Dahlan, Mawi’s handsome brother, Selbi direct her intention to be kind to Mawi’s family. But Selbi was gutted after Dahlan did not want to respond her feeling.
Mardani continue making trouble, mocking every people, even though he had promised not to repeat his actions. However, Haji Mansyur and villagers are not tired of reminding Mardani to fix his attitude.


Religy Drama




60 Minutes


Agus Elias


Relita Mahdayani, Yeri Hermanto


Leo Sutanto


Primus Yustisio, Devi Permata Sari, Jihan Fahira, Anjasmara, Eddie Riwanto, Asri Welas, Teuku Ryan, Vira Yuniar, Risty Tagor, Rifky Balwell, Handika Pratama, Oki Setiana Dewi, Krisna Mukti, Ence Bagus, Omaswati, Fanny Fadillah

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