Bawalah Pergi Cintaku (Take My Love Away)

Each semester break, Elia (20) and her family always go on a vacation to their family villa on the outskirt of Jakarta. Hamdi (21), who is the son of Elia’s family villa’s caretaker, Mr. Badrun, was captivated by Elia’s beauty. He swore to Udin that he would win Elia’s heart.
When Hamdi first tried to get close to Elia, he was ignored. But with perseverance, Elia finally falls for Hamdi and accepts his love. Being with Hamdi changed Elia’s life and she experienced many things that she’d never imagined before.
However, Elia’s parents caught wind of their relationship and are against it, especially Elia’s mother, who sees Hamdi as a lowly hoodlum. The reason for her animosity was Hamdi’s father, a former thug who had once tried to steal from them but was forgiven and even given a job by her husband, Mr. Bambang.
Elia’s mother wants Elia to date the son of her college friend, Donny (22). Donny is in love with Elia though Elia only sees him merely as a friend.
Faced with adversity, Hamdi and Elia were forcefully separated. Elia’s mother had her husband offer Hamdi an overseas job to keep him away from Elia. Unable to reject the man who had given his father a second chance in life, Hamdi took the offer after promising Elia to keep in touch.
A year goes by without a single word from Hamdi. Disheartened, Elia questions Hamdi’s love and sincerity and has to be admitted into hospital, where Donny often accompanies her.
How would their love continue? Could the power of Hamdi and Elia’s love unite them?


Romantic Drama


60 Minutes




Novy Pritania


Leo Sutanto


Naysilla Mirdad, Dude Harlino, Rionaldo Stokhorst, Marcella Simon, Dina Lorenza, Rasyid Karim, Mario Maulana

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