Guruh Soekarno Putra opened Chrisye's path to the recording world. Together with Guruh Gipsy, Chrisye established his life choices. His soft voice began to be heard by many people. Eros entrusted him to sing songs in the Movie Badai Pasti Berlalu (The Storm Must Pass). Furthermore, Sys NS, who was not desperate, chased him after to sing the song Lilin-Lilin Kecil (Small Candles). This song eventually becomes immortal all the time.
His anxiety continued in searching for her confidence identity. He was married to Yanti, had a family, and became a convert to open new horizons in looking at his life. Searching for knowledge to Banjar was an important part of his spiritual journey. He continued to struggle to find life balance between living as a 'Family Man' and living as a 'Celebrity Man'.
This movie is narrated from the point of view of his wife, Yanti, who faithfully accompanied him facing various storms in her husband's life. Accompanying him at the SENDIRI (ALONE) concert, the first solo concert of Indonesian male singer whose tickets were sold out in an instant. Accompanying him when he was not able to complete the recording of a song because he never stopped crying while singing the lyrics of a song by Taufiq Ismail. Until finally he fell ill, and then he died of lung cancer he suffered.




109 Minutes


Rizal Mantovani


Vino G. Bastian, Velove Vexia

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