Cinta Buta buat Mawar (Blind Love for Mawar)

Panji is a blind man in love with his nurse, Mawar, but couldn’t find the courage to confess his love to her, particularly as he knew that Dr. Sandy is also in love with Mawar.
One night, after meeting Mawar, Panji got hit by a car when crossing the street. He feels his body getting lighter and lighter, and he can even see his body lying on the side of the road. Confused, Panji realizes that he has passed away.
Miserable to have died without ever confessing his love to Mawar, Panji is given a miracle and his soul goes into a body. Panji wakes up able to see. Though Panji is happy, another spirit warns him that it was useless as he only has 40 more days to live and no one would recognize him.
Undeterred, Panji decides to keep fighting for his love with Mawar and goes to the hospital, where nobody recognizes him. Panji introduces himself as Panji’s friend and insurance agent, Dony.
With his false identity, Donny befriends Mawar and tries to find out her feeling towards the deceased Panji. Still grieving over Panji’s death, Mawar was upset by Dony’s pying.
In the meantime, Dr Sandy is unhappy with Dony’s presence and tries to keep Donny away from Mawar as he tried to make his move himself.
Mawar is puzzled by Dony, who seems to be very familiar with her. He knows every little thing about her, right down to her little quirks. And after a while, everyone who was close to Panji could see the similarity in Donny and the late Panji’s attitude and habits.
What will happen to Panji/ Dony? Will he ever confess his love to Mawar? How will it end between them?


Romantic Drama


90 Minutes


Nayato Fio Nuala


Novy Pritania


Nasya Marcella, Rionaldo Stockhorst, Lucky Perdana, Dhini Aminarty

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