Cinta dari Surga (Love from Heaven)

Cinta is a beautiful girl who is very love of her mother and her sister more than anything even though she knew that Mrs. Inggrid, Utari and Dini is not her biological family. Cinta and Revan, a son of rich businessman who is staying near Cinta’s village, being slandered by Bang Jack when they were together. Citizens really mad when they heard about the news and it makes Cinta and her family need to run out from that village. Unfortunately, on their way to run out from the village, the bus that they are riding-in got an accident and she had to be seperated from her foster mother and Dini. Before that, her foster mother told her that her biological mother named Marina.
Cinta and Utari looking for their mom and Dini at Jakarta. They are looking for others help and they arrive at Revan’s house. The reality is Revan that they knew near their village is fake Revan. They have been deceived. The real Revan feels pity with both of them and allow them to stay at his house.
Along their stay at Revan’s house, Utari always tries to attract Revan’s attention. But Revan already falling in love with Cinta since he met Cinta for the first time. Linda, Revan’s mother, doesn’t like with both of them and trying to force them to leave the house. Finally, Cinta meet with Bayu, fake Revan, and in fact Bayu is Revan’s younger sibling who is considered dead. Bayu also falling in love with Cinta. Their relationship is getting more complicated with the presence of Jessica, and Cinta’s biological mother, Marina. How is the continuation of their love story? And will Cinta meet with her foster mother again?


Drama Series




60 Minutes


Sanjeev Kumar


Billy Davidson, Melayu Nicole Hall, Aliff Alli, Haviza Devi Anjani, Cerelia Raissa, Ari Wibowo, Andi Soraya, Aura Nabilla, Unique Priscilla, Ricky Harun

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