Cinta Tak Kenal Usia (Love Knows No Age Boundary)

It cannot be determined when it first started, but to her single mother’s consternation, Mika (25) is more comfortable being in a love relationship with much older men, men who could be called “father” rather than “honey”. Mika believes that an older man would be more secure, and would spoil and protect her unlike men of her peer.
As the result, her mother, Mamih is worried of her and becomes overprotective. She would text Mika every 10 minute and calls her ever hour to find out Mika’s whereabouts. Even on Saturday nights, her mother would stalk and follow Mika wherever she goes, which leads to the breakup of many of Mika’s relationships. Whenever that happens, Mimah becomes very happy and satisfied. However, Mika has many tricks up her sleeves. She would turn off her phone during a date or wait until her mother goes for a bath so she can escape and go out.
One day, Mamih really loses her patience when she caught Mika with a 58-year-old man, whom Mika calls Ayang Billy in the mall. Like a wife who’d caught her husband cheating, Mamih scolds Mika all the way home but Mika ignores her and only plays with her phone. Once they’re home, Mika lashes out at her mother, saying that she’s the way she is because she’s never met her father.
Upset, Mamih becomes even more protective, which makes Mika equally more stubborn as well. The mother-and-daughter’s relationship worsens until Mamih collapses from the stress. Seeing her ill mother, Mika becomes remorseful. She consults her best friend, Lara who proceeds to show her an article on Oedipus Complex and advices her to see a psychiatry. Though she was skeptical with the idea in the beginning, she finally agrees to try it out for her mother’s sake. The first psychiatry was a famous psychiatry recommended by Lara’s friend, but Mika finds it difficult to understand the jargons used by the doctor. Same goes with the second famous psychiatry that she visited.
Afraid of failure, Lara relapses and found herself a new older boyfriend, Om Joy, a handsome and rich businessman whose wife had died and whose son is all grown up. Undeterred, Lara convinces Mika to meet a third psychiatry, Gaitan. While waiting for her turn, Mika tells Lara about Om Joy and their plan to marry.
Apparently, the psychiatry is a young, handsome man, whose first impression impresses Mika. She finds herself relaxed and able to relate with Gaitan, who is the same age as her. After Mika’s first treatment began, Gaitan asks Mika out to a cozy café. That night, Mika finds herself enjoying the new experience, even ignoring Om Joy and her mother’s phone calls. From that day on, Mika’s attitude changed. She would often smile to herself, kiss her mother and even report to her everywhere she goes. Mika and Gaitan get closer every day and eventually, both confess their feelings and became a real couple.
Meanwhile, worried by Mika’s change, Om Joy goes to Mika’s house and was extremely shocked to find Mamih instead. From there on, the history between Om Joy and Mimah that will destroy Mika and Gaitan’s new-found happiness comes out.
What history did Om Joy and Mamih share? What will happen to them? Will they find the happiness they seek?


Romantic Drama


90 Minutes


Dian Andrean, Ryan Delon, Ricky Cuaca, Ranti Purnamasari

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