Getar Cinta (Love Vibration)

One day, CINTA accidently bumps into GETAR in a crowded mall. Getar falls in love with Cinta at first sight. Afterwards Cinta and Getar decide to go to a nearby café to chat. But unfortunately, they were unable to do as planned as Cinta has to leave. However, Cinta realizes that she has left her shopping bag and returns to the café where she finds Getar who also returns to the café to pick up something he’d accidentally left there.
After a couple of accidental meetings, Getar is convinced that Cinta is the one for him even though they are both seeing other people at the time. Eventually, despite still not knowing each other’s name, Cinta agrees to go with Getar to a flea market at TAMAN KOTA.
As they chat, Getar becomes curious and wants to know the name of the girl who has stolen his heart. In answer, Cinta writes her name and phone number inside a copy of the book SYAIR-SYAIR CINTA (Collection of Love Poems) written by Kahlil Gibran. But instead of giving the book to Getar, she suddenly sells the book, believing that if they are meant to be together, they will eventually find the book. Shocked by Cinta’s action, Getar unsuccessfully chase after the book’s buyer.
Once again, Getar accidently meets Cinta at a parking area. Cinta asks Getar to go into a closed parking area at a mall and enter different elevators. If the two meet on the same floor, then they are meant to be together. Both Getar and Cinta choose the seventh floor, but Getar’s elevator stops at every floor causing him to arrive late to meet Cinta. Convinced that Getar has chosen a different floor, Cinta decides to go home.
Five years later, Getar is now a doctor and is about to marry RAISHA (25), his fiancée. Despite that, Getar is having cold feet, his heart still hung up on Cinta. At another place, Cinta has opened her own pastry shop named LOVELY PASTRY where Cinta works together with her friend, BASTIAN (25). Cinta is also in a relationship with REGA (26), a rising TV star.
One day, Getar finally finds Cinta’s name and phone number in a book Raisha gives him for his birthday, knowing his obsession with the book. Getar immediately calls the number and rushes to find her.
On the other hand, Cinta is in Bandung, accompanying Rega who is shooting there. While waiting for Rega, Cinta finds a copy of SAYAP-SAYAP CINTA. Cinta tries to call Getar, but because Getar is getting ready for his wedding, his friend, Alvian picks up the phone instead.
Will the two eventually meet and are they meant to be together?


Romantic Drama


120 Minutes


Agusti Tanjung


Shaquilla Almadeena


Leo Sutanto


Velove Vexia, Miller Khan, Nadya Almira, Delano, Shandy Syarief, Ery Makmur

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