Jilbab in Love "Aisyah Putri the Series"

The story tells about a cheerful life of a High School teenager, named Aisyah Putri, everyone calls her Puput. Life of a teenage girls in high school are identic with a competition between groups, existency, trendsetter, style of fashion, music, idol, hang out places or compete to be the most popular girls, cheerleaders, and etc. But in Puput’s teenage life. It’s a NO!
Puput is a Jilbab teen girl, but her teenage life is no less exciting than other teenage girls. She is a confident, smart and very active in religious activity in her school. Puput lives with her compassion and religious family. They are BUNDA, and 4 elder brothers. They are Vincent, Harap, Hamka and Iid, who has their own uniqueness which colors Puput’s life.
In her school, Puput has a religious outgoing close friends, They are Anna who’s very athletic, Icha who’s very flirtatious, and Linda who likes to eat. Their group’s named is The Jilbabers Lovers.
Puput has no suspicious intention with her group’s name. Puput has a courage, this is the time for a teen girls to show who they are. Therefore they could still follow the trend and be a good role model in the school based on Islamic rules.
It’s not going to be easy, there’s a lot of things that they have to fix their manner and attitude. Few of their friends don’t like the presence of their groups, especially Bianca, Dara, Rasty, and Elisa. But Puput doesn’t lose her teen spirit.
How is Puput’s colorful life with her friends? A Moslem teenage hijab girl and could live on without losing their teenage life.


Romantic Drama




60 Minutes


Gita Asmara, Amin Ishak


Yanti Puspitasari


Leo Sutanto


Anna Gilbert, Miller Khan, Lucky Perdana, Aliff Alli, Farish Nahdi, Henidar Amroe, Rico Tampatty, Salsha Winx, Steffi Winx, Cassandra Winx, Richa Bella Graceva, Jauhar, Syifa Hadju, Rosiana Dewi, Meny A. Nory, Meyda Sefira

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