Meet Me After Sunset

Vino is being upset because his parents agree to move from Jakarta to Rancaupas, Bandung, without asking for his approval. He feels unsuited to live in a quiet area. However, his mind has changed when he accidentally finds a girl walking alone among the trees. Vino is amazed by her beauty along with her classic style. At a glance, she immediately disappears in the mist. His curiosity becomes more and more. He becomes more curious to know the girl’s name, which is Gadis. She lives next to Vino’s new house. Now, he feels like the universe really supports him to be close to her. Moreover, Gadis opens herself up because Vino keeps accompanying her at night and helps her catch the fireflies. But, their love story cannot be smooth just like that. Dadang, Vino's classmate, says that Vino likes the wrong person. Plus, there is Bagas who has become her protector. He is a ranger officer who has been her friend since childhood and secretly loves her. He really understands about her, and the warmth he gives makes her comfortable. He is the one who always supports her not to appear in the daytime. Together with Bagas, Gadis is like the Moon that is always accompanied by the Star in the dark of night, while Vino is like the Sun that cannot meet at the same time with the Moon. The Star and the Sun, which one will always shine?






Agatha Chelsea, Billy Davidson, Max Bouttier

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