Merpati Tak Pernah Ingkar Janji (Pigeon Never Break a Promise)

For 17 years, Maria is raised by nuns in a convent and she grows up aspiring to be a nun and dedicate her life to God, never knowing that she had a father until one day when the head nun finally tells her about him and introduces her to her father. Maria’s father, Mr. HANDOYO, didn’t know that he has a daughter with his ex wife, KASIH, who chose to live the rest of her life as a nun.
Handoyo asks Maria to move in with him and live her life as a normal teenager. Maria dislikes her father’s idea because she doesn’t want to live like other teenagers. Even more shocking to Maria, her father enrolls her in a co-ed school.
As she is not used to being around boys, Maria feels uncomfortable. Maria also confuses her classmates with her habit of praying before starting any activity. Luckily ETALIA, ALDO and a boy who always comes late to class, GUNTUR, are always there for her.
The three of them are very kind to Maria and introduce her to the world of normal teenagers. Because of Maria’s purity and kindness, Guntur, a known playboy, starts to fall in love with Maria. On the other hand, Maria starts to feel a strange throbbing in her heart whenever she is with Guntur. Guntur builds up his courage to confess his feelings to Maria before she decides to be a nun.
How will Maria answer Guntur? Will Maria fulfill her aspiration to be a nun?


Romantic Drama


60 Minutes


Subakti IS


Dion Adimufti


Leo Sutanto


Morgan Oey, Mikha Tambayong, Sigit Hardadi, Moudy Wilhelmina, Larasati Nugroho, Kenang Mirdad, Ria Probo, Debbie C. Dewi

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