Pashmina Aisha

Phasmina and Aisha are twins who were separated when a rich family adopted Pashmina and brought her abroad to cure her heart disease, leaving Aisha alone in the orphanage.
Alone and separated from her beloved sister, Aisha married Reyhan, who comes from a rich family. Unfortunately, Reyhan mother, Diar is against their wedding. Reyhan gives up his wealth and elopes with Aisha, but their life is not peaceful. Dinar finds them and takes away their baby.
Still weak after giving birth, Aisha couldn’t refuse Dinar. Her baby, Dinda has inherited Pashmina’s heart disease, which Dinar uses to get Aisha to stay away from Reyhan and Dinda’s life. In exchange, Dinar promises to provide Dinda with the best of treatments.
Meanwhile, Pashmina senses that her time on earth is short and returned to Indonesia to find Aisha to ensure Aisha’s welfare. She searches for Aisha in every corner of the town with her assistant, Wira.
Numbed from having one loss after another, from her beloved twin sister to her husband and child, Aisha lost her will to live and became mute from the stress. Fortunately, the man who had once approached her before she met Reyhan, Sony helps Aisha to recover from her trauma. He even introduces Aisha as his wife to his mother, Risma and his sister, Bella.
Weakened by his sorrow from Pashmina leaving him, Reyhan gives in to his mother’s demand that he marries Juwita. Juwita is the doctor who takes care of Dinda and has feelings for Reyhan. Dinar believes that Juwita makes a more appropriate wife for Reyhan than Aisha as her parents are rich and own the hospital where Dinda and Reyhan are hospitalized.
Having already found out that Reyhan is Aisha’s husband, Pashmina is shocked to learn that he is about to marry another woman and crashes Reyhan and Juwita’s wedding.
How will the story continue? What will happen to Aisha and Pashmina?


Family Drama




60 Minutes


Epoy S. Pradipta


Mega Emmela


Leo Sutanto


Aura Kasih, Giovani L. Tobing, Ashraf Sinclair, Baim Wong, Raya Kohandi, Samuel Rizal, Dwi Yan, Annie Anwar, Minati Atmanegara, Ishabella

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