Preman Pensiun (Retired Gang Boss)

Bahar, is the leader of a group of thugs who has the power in some area, including traditional market, terminal and in a street, he’s retired after his wife passed away. This statement is been delivered only to his confidant, Obed. The reason is before his wife passed away his wife said that she would be waiting for him in Heaven. Bahar thinks, of he keeps becoming thugs, he might not be going to Heaven.
Obed can’t accept Bahar’s decision, because Bahar’s retirement will destroy their establishment of power, that will make a small group of thugs who is under them scattered.
In a business way, this would be disadvantaged Obed who is just Bahar’s confidant, and he doesn’t have a group.
Obed took advantage of Bahar’s uninformed retirement to overtake all of power and commision for Bahar, until then all the criminal actions revealed and it became chaos. A small group of thugs ; Komar (Thugs in Traditional Market), Jamal (Thugs in Terminal), and Herman (Thugs in the street) is fighting over power. Theferore Bahar has to involve in order to solve the situation.
The story is flavored a bad love story of Bahar’s daughter whose almost been proposed by her boyfriend because he is also a thug’s children.


Comedy Drama




60 Minutes


Aris Nugraha


Aris Nugraha


Didi Petet, Epy Kusnandar, Ike Muti, Tya Arifin, Mat Drajat, Ikang Sulung, Ucup Palentin, Romyan Fauzan, Sandy Tile, Ridwan Ghany, Soraya Rasyid

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