Skakmat (Checkmate)

Urged by Rodiah, his mother and from his lover’s parents to change his life, Jamal is forced to accept the job offer from Ivan, to be a keeper and take Dito, a heroin courier, to the Boss Tanah Tinggi. Unfortunately, their journey is not going smooth because Dito is being threatened by Mami Tuti who takes revenge and put blame on him as he made her sister a junkie. Can Jamal make it to take Dito to the Boss Tanah Tinggi?


Drama Film


106 Minutes


Ody Chandra Harahap


Salman Aristo


Affandi Abdul Rachman


Donny Alamsyah, Tanta Ginting, Hannah Al Rashid, Cecep Arif Rahman, Sutan Simatupang, Karenina, Andi Anissa Lasyah, Fadi Iskandar, Melissa Karim, Clara Josephine, Siti Rosyidah, Anna Sirley, Titiek Sandhora, Chacha Caroline, Peter Taslim, Valentino Roberto, Yuzar Nazaros, Kartika Sari Daud

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