Tendangan dari Langit (Shoot from the Sky)

This is the story of Wahyu, a 16-year-old boy who is blessed with extraordinary ability in football. Wahyu lives in Langitan Village on the slopes of Mount Bromo with her mother and and father, who sells hot drinks in that area.
With the help of his uncle, Hasan, Wahyu uses his football talent by becoming a rental footballer to various teams to help his parents. However, Wahyu’s father, Darto is unhappy with it.
Unexpectedly, while Wahyu was playing football with his friends one day, Coach Timo witnessed Wahyu’s extraordinary skill while he was hiking with Matias along the slopes of Bromo. Coach Timo offers Wahyu to come to Malang and join the tryout to be a part of one of Indonesia’s football club, Persema Malang.
Unfortunately, Wahyu faces various obstacles before he can join the tryout and achieve his dream of playing with renowned footballers, Irfan Bachdim and Kim Kurniawan. He has to choose between his love for Indah or his dream to play at a higher level, while trying to convince his father to give his blessing. Even Hasan seems to have his own agenda with Wahyu.
In addition to all those obstacles, there is one final obstacle that Wahyu has to overcome before he can score a goal. The final obstacle lies inside him, in the form of a disease that usually attacks children his age.
Will Wahyu give up? Can he pass the tryout? Will Wahyu’s dream to play alongside Irfan Bachdim and Kim Kurniawan come true?


Sport Romantic Drama


120 Minutes


Hanung Bramantyo


Fajar Nugros


Leo Sutanto


Irfan Bachdim, Kim Jeffrey Kurniawan, Maudy Ayunda, Giorgino Abraham, Jordi Onsu, Joshua Suherman, Agus Kuncoro, Sujiwo Tejo, Natasha Chairani, Yosie Kristanto, Mathias Ibo

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