Terjebak di Kampung Cinta (Stuck in a Love Village)

Lela, who refuses to have an arranged marriage with the son of her father’s friend, runs away on the day of her wedding to her friend’s house in Sukabumi. But after arriving in Sukabumi, Lela accidently bumped into Miko, who was chased by a group of thugs. Thinking that Lela is Miko’s friend, they took all of her belongings, even her friend’s address, which upsets Lela and she prays that they wouldn’t meet again.
Unfortunately, fate has another plan for her. While searching for her friend’s house, she sees a man named Arya, who wants to hang himself. As she runs toward Arya to stop him, at the same time, came Miko from the opposite direction, having seen the same thing. Funnily enough, instead of helping Arya, Lela and Miko got into a big argument and accidently knock over the chair where Arya was standing, causing Arya to almost choke to death.
a token of appreciation for foiling his suicide attempt, Arya takes Lela and Miko to his house where he lives together with his aunt and cousin sister, Ratih, who is currently studying in Bandung.
While staying at Arya’s house, Miko helps Arya work in the rice field while Lela helps Arya’s aunt with the house chores. In time, Lela and Miko, who used to squabble a lot, grow closer when they found out that they both had run away home to escape arranged marriage.
One day, while Miko and Arya are resting in hut in the middle of the rice field, Ujang and his crew came and created a fuss.Seeing the beautiful Lela come to their rescue, Ujang makes an offer to Arya. He promises to forgive Arya’s debts if Arya helps get Lela to fall in love with Ujang. Arya refuses and gets beaten. Saddened to see Arya return home heavily beaten, she quietly approaches Ujang and agrees to be his girlfriend to repay Arya and his family’s kindness for taking her in and helping her.
After a while, Ratih returns home on holiday. When she sees the good looking Miko in the house, Ratih asks Arya to help her win Miko’s heart. One night, Lela who is having dinner with Ujang, accidently meets Miko on a date with Ratih. Filled with jealousy, both make up stories to irk the other.
Aside from erasing Arya’s debts, Ujang also likes to spend money on Lela and even buys her a new car. Seeing Lela return home with the car, Ratih, who dislikes Lela, badmouths Lela in front of her mother, Arya and Miko, saying that Lela is a loose girl who only dates rich guys for his money. Hurt by the accusations, Lela decides to leave Arya’s house.
Lela sells everything that Ujang gave her and gives the proceed to Arya to pay off his debt. Lela explains herself to Arya and asks him to keep it secret, but he tells it to Miko anyway. Hearing the truth, Miko chases after Lela to apologize for his misunderstanding and confess his love to her.
Will Lela accept Miko’s apology and confession? What will happen to them?


Romantic Drama


60 Minutes


Joe Sandjaya


Ichlas Mahmud


Kadek Devie, Ridwan Ghani, Valentino, Tya Arifin, Erick Estrada

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