Tukang Ojek Pengkolan (The Ojek Driver)

In a village which is located near to the office building in Jakarta, lives a young couple named Rojak (Ojak) and Tati. Ojak works as a Motorbike driver for a living, and based in the corner of the street with his two colleagues, named Purnomo (Pur) and Sutisna (Tisna).
Tati’s mother didn’t approve for Ojak and Tati’s marriage because the deceased father of Tati ever match her with a future husband who is much settled than Ojak whose a motorbike driver. Despite of her love to Ojak, Tati choses Ojak with a risks that Tati has to live a simple life, because Ojak’s diploma is only D3, but he hasn’t find a settle job until now. This matters become an argument like a dog and a cat fight between Ojak’s mother and his mother in law, even not that frontal, they keep trying to remind Ojak to be a responsible husband of feeding his wife righteously, for buying a his own house so he doesn’t have to rent a house anymore. Ojak never listens to their advices before, but in a meanwhile he realized that his Mother is a part of the happiness of his family, Even though Ojak never confronts his feelings and emotions toward his mom.
Tati is really confused in this situation, betweeen to follow the advice from Ojak’s mom nor to respect her husband’s words.
Ojak rents a small house owned by Mister Naim, the land lord in that village. His wife left him for a long time, and he has a fling with Emak, Tati’s mother. Mister Naim is struggling to focus on his career in a politic field, he nominates himself as a candidate for the upcoming election for the title Chairman of the pillars of the citizens.
But the problem is if he was selected for the election, he has to have a partner.
Purnomo and Tisna is Ojak’s friends whose also a motorbike driver, they came to Jakarta to find a settle job but yet they haven’t find it.
Besides of being a motorbike driver, Ojak oftenly hangout with Sir Patar, a guy from Sumatera Utara working as a “what u want, i have” broker, that means he could help anything, starting from selling and buying land property to Driver license’s renewal. Patar likes to hang out in Madam Mumun’s cafe who sells Nasi Uduk and coffee. Ojak’s neighbour, named Sofyan, Nurmala and Bunga (Their daughter). Sofyan works as a professor in one of infamous University in Jakarta, meanwhile his wife is a regular housewife. What makes this family iunique is they have the same hobby which is gossiping each other.
Note: "Ojek" is motorbike taxi


Comedy Drama


864 (Ongoing)


60 Minutes


Iip S. Hanan


Didi Ardiansyah


Eza Yayang, Fitrie Rahmadhina, Ranty Purnamasari, Tabah Penemuan, Furi S, Andri Sulistiandri, Otong Lalo, Sopyan Dado, Renita Sukardi, Clara Kaizer, James Purba, Imas Tamborin

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